Thursday, September 16, 2010 is looking for travel articles... is looking for informative and high quality travel articles in the following areas:

Travel Stories - first person account travel stories related to destination discovery, road trips, or short getaways with the assistance of smart phone travel apps and/or GPS navigator.

How-To Guide - guide on using travel app on smart phone or GPS navigator for travel planning and reservation, trip navigation, and destination discovery.

Travel App Review - first hand user-experience-based in-depth review of travel app. Each article must provide a detailed review of one travel app with screen shots of the app in action. The review must be based on your first hand experience in using the app in a real situation.

They pay $50 per article within 30 days after publication.

For more information, check out the writer's guidelines at or email at travelarticle @

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budget accommodation said...

Great news, it's a shame I don't own one of those gadgets =(
I like your blog very much, please keep it up!


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