Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Death of Travel Writing?

Is something missing from contemporary travel writing?

Has it, as one ardent traveler believes, gone entirely narcissistic and brainless?

Or is travel writing actually better than ever?

These are some of the questions asked (and answered) in this series of articles on travel writing at ForeignPolicy.com

Travel Writing Is Dead by Graeme Wood

Travel Writing Lives! by Joshua Jelly-Schapiro

Travel Writing Ain't What It Used to Be by Jessa Crispin

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Nicole said...

First off, I just want to say that I love your site. Secondly, I can't help but agree with Jessica Crispin. Her article hit the nail on the head, as far as travel writing goes. On my own blog, I am taking a chance at writing my own travel experiences but feel that my journalistic background is keeping me from really expressing what I felt the day I experienced a specific event, etc...

Travel writing is something that should be an incredible way for someone to express themselves and the culture around them, and not necessarily by what is documented on web sites and in facts, but in the way a person honestly understands and feels about a place.

Richa said...

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Bronwyn said...

I think that on some level, travel writing is less a review and more a journal of a person's experiences - personally, I don't read travel writing to learn what's good and bad about a place but instead to understand the author's impressions.

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Travel writing is something that should be an incredible way for someone to express themselves !I enjoy it!

expat jobs said...

Travel writing is dead? I don't think so. Or maybe I just don't know. But as far as I know, travel writing is not dead. There are so many articles about travels as seen in online and in the stands. Travel writing may be is laying low but I think it is still alive and kicking and traveling as well. As long as there are people traveling, there will always be travel writing.

Carl said...

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