Sunday, January 16, 2011

Two Free E-Books for Writers....

Freelance writer Thursday Bram is working on a series of free e-books for writers.

The first two in the series are now available to read online (or save to your iPad for future reading).

The first one, New Ideas on Old Topics (16 pages)offers plenty of advice on how to keep up with ideas, even when you feel burnt out on a topic.

One tip that I've picked up and am running with is using technology to help track and manage ideas. In particular, Thursday discusses using Evernote, a web-based application that lets you create notebooks in which to add your ideas - thoughs, audio, video, webshoots, etc. What's really great about Evernote is that you can access it on various devices, including iPhone and iPad, and as long was you have an internet connection, everything is easily synchronized.

The second e-book, Time Management for Writers (15 pages) addresses various time management strategies aimed to ensuring that you become a more productive, and therefore, more financial secure writer.

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