Friday, June 03, 2011

Finding a Home Away from Home...

(Today’s guest post article looks at vacation rentals)

A recent two week vacation to California, staying in a variety of different places - from a traditional hotel to a flamboyant resort, from a cosy B&B to a charming seaside inn – reminded me once again how expensive travel was.

Funnily enough, it wasn’t so much the cost of the accommodation or even the cost of gas to fill up the car that I noticed the most.

It was the cost of food.

With no facilities to cook or even, in some cases, store food, I had to constantly eat out. Now, I love to eat out. But after two weeks of eating out, I’m starting to think that there has to be a cheaper way.

That cheaper way might just be looking for a vacation home rental where, in the mornings, breakfast could be made from ingredients purchased at the local supermarket, picnics for lunch could be packed from products found at the local farmers market and bakery, and even the occasional dinner be cooked outside on the BBQ.

I’m already dreaming of my next trip to California's Central Coast, sitting sitting by the sea outside a small cottage, sipping the local vino, enjoying the sounds of the waves crashing on the sand and rocks.

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