Tuesday, October 25, 2011

World Nomads are looking for travel writers...

Each month World Nomads pick a country as their feature destination.

And they are looking for avid travel bloggers to contribute 650-1200 word articles (plus photos) on topics relating to that country.

Future Feature Destinations and Deadlines:

December - Chile

(apply by November 1, article deadline November 23)

January - India

(apply by December 1, article deadline December 20)

February - Brazil

(apply by January 1, article by January 23)

March - South Africa

(apply by February 1, article by February 21)

They are also open to submissions for other destinations as well as action articles so feel free to pitch ideas not tied to the listed destinations.

They pay $30AUD/article upon publishing (paid via PayPal).

Check out their editorial guidelines for more information.

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