Sunday, June 17, 2012

Travel blogger takeaways from TBEX 12

Sadly, there's no travel in the horizon for me this year. But not traveling does mean I have plenty of time to wander through cyberspace, reading, listening, and watching others on their journeys throughout the world.

Such is the case with TBEX 12, billed as 'the world's largest gathering travel bloggers, writers, and new media content creators'. I may not be there physically but I'm there virtually, chasing around the internet, tracking down posts about the conference.

Thanks to, who are providing video coverage, a chatroom, and streaming updates, I've just been watching Rand Fishkin's informative talk on SEO Without Selling Your Soul (see video and also slide presentation)

Rand talks about how 'branding is key', even for travel bloggers and that you need to start thinking of your travel blog as a brand.

This TBEX presentation led me to Rand Fishkin's SEOMOZ website and his extremely detailed SEO 101 for Travel Bloggers, a must read for anyone serious about travel blogging.

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