Monday, May 28, 2007

More great travel blogs worth reading...

NY Girl Eats World -Travel writer Nicole Cotroneo documents her adventures at home and abroad while on assignment for The New York Times and The Washington Post.

Mad About Madrid - A blog that is really a travel guide. Full of fascinating facts and information about what to do in Madrid

Girl Solo in Arabia - Follow the trail of Carolyn McIntyre, an experience guide to the Middle East for the National Geographic Expeditions, as she follows the 29 year journey that Moroccan traveller Ibn Battuta more than 680 years ago. A great travel memoir which will no doubt end up on the bestsellers list and most probably on the big screen.

I discovered these great blogs over at Typepad Featured Blogs, a site that spotlights great sites powered by typepad (I haven't got a clue what typepad is but I sure do like some of the blogs that as using it).

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hydrofoil water scooter said...

Travel Blogs are a collection of past and present adventures of ones life through his journey to different parts of the world documented and publish in his or her travel blog.

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