Friday, May 25, 2007

What Breed of Freelance Writer are You ???

I discovered this via the Golden Pencil who in turned found it via Get Paid to Write. But it originated over at FreelanceSwitch.

What am I talking about ?

A great humurous post discussing the ‘13 Breeds of Freelance Writer and How to Up Your Game’.

According to Jack over at Freelance Switch, the 13 breeds of freelancer are:

The Artiste Freelancer
The Payin’-The-Bills Freelancer
The Pushover Freelancer
The AWOL Freelancer
The I-Did-IT-My-Way Freelancer
The Hit’n’Miss Freelancer
The Blame-Game Freelancer
The Constant-Excuses Freelancer
The Hidden Costs Freelancer
The I-Can’t-Finish-This Freelancer
The Too-Cool Freelancer
The Big-Business Freelancer
The No Business Skills Freelancer

Check it out.
At the moment I think this is me:

(cartoon by Jack)

What breed of freelance writer are you?

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alicia said...

Ha, hysterical! At one point or another I've been several of those freelancers!


must admit the AWOL freelancer sounds quite good at times...

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