Monday, July 09, 2007

Photography for the travel writer...

Two things happened recently that have caused me to focus on photography.

The first had to do with an article I was writing for an Australian magazine about ‘organizing your holiday photos’. I needed to send through some photos to accompany the article but I had lost all my best shots when my computer crashed a month or so ago. So all I could send in were second rate ones - the editor pointed out that they appeared washed out…which was true. I had, by the way, mentioned in the article how important it was not to store photos only in the computer, using my lost photos as an example!!

The second reason I’m focusing on photography is because I have finally got my new digital camera. I picked up an Olympus SP550 the other day and now have a less than two months to learn how to become proficient with it before heading off to Spain and New York.

So I’ve been surfing the internet to learn all I can about taking good travel photographs.

Here’s some of what I found in my travels…

Fodor’s Focus on Photos - How to Take Travel Photos like a Pro

Taking good travel shots can be a snap

The Restless Eye: Travel Photography

The Ten Most Common Photographic Mistakes

The Law For Photographers

Travel Photography: Taking Culture Rich Photos

Cultural Photography: What are the Attributes of a Great Cultural Photographer?

Food Photography Tips

Hot, Hot, Hot! Tropical Travel Photography

How to Take Better Pictures Outdoors

Breaking Shooter’s Block

Get the Picture

Wide Angle Photography - Shooting from the Hip

How-To: Photographing Food In A Restaurant (and Elsewhere On The Road)

Learn To Photograph Markets

Along the way, I found a few more sites to add to my RSS feed:

Andre Gunther Photography

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Julee Ann said...

This is THE MOST informative, helpful, writer's blog I've stumbled on in a long time. Thank you.
I'd love to add it to my sidebar?


Hi Julee ann,

thanks for your most kind comments about my blog...

would love to have you add it to your sidebar. Stop by any time and visit...


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