Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Travel by the book…

I spent the weekend reading through old copies of National Geographic Traveler magazine. Family and friends called it ‘laying around reading magazines’. I called it ‘market research’. It’s funny how the same activity can have such different meanings to different people.

So while doing my ‘market research’ I came across one of Daisann McLane’s Real Travel Columns called ‘By the Book’ (March 2006).

Daisann wrote ‘Every journey is a story that’s made infinitely richer by what gets read along the way’.

It got me thinking. So far, all I’ve read since deciding to go to Spain is guidebooks - Lonely Planet, Frommer’s, Fodor’s etc. I haven’t really had a chance to read anything written from a fiction or personal memoir take. Maybe it’s time I did. So I’m off to the library this week to find some books that go past where to stay and eat. I think I hunt out Hemmingway’s books about Spain.

Course, I’ll still have to come up with a book or two to read while I’m on the road (make that plane)

Any thoughts?

How do you decide what to read before you go?

Or is it what you read that has made you decide to go?

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Julie said...

Hi Liz,
I've got a book that I haven't quite worked my way through yet...it's good, but other books keep calling my name. If you're going to Spain, however, I think you'll really enjoy: It's Not About the Tapas by Polly Evans. She's a british writer and the book is a travelogue of her bike trip all over spain.


Hi Julie, thanks for that - will see if the local library has a copy. I read anothe book by Polly Evans called Kiwis Might Fly, all about her trip around New Zealand on a motorcycle - would definitely recommend it, especially for anyone thinking of visiting New Zealand.

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