Monday, August 13, 2007

Want a travel companion ? Take an MP3/iPod…

The MP3/iPod is the ideal travel companion. It provides information, entertainment, and comfort but doesn’t need to be fed, watered, or humored.

The top five things that the MP3 can do for you:

1. Keep music in your life - you can download your favorite songs to keep you from being homesick or download soundtracks to fit the mood of your location. And many MP3 players have built in recording devices that let you capture the sounds of your travels.

2. Provide reading material - save a tree and download a book. Going to Paris, download The Da Vinci Code. Going to Italy, what about Under the Tuscan Sun. Wherever you're going, there's a audio book out there for you. Check out and iTunes.

3. Be a personal tour guide - throw away the guidebook and download your own personal professional tour guide. From walks around the city to road trips, there is a tour out there for you. Check out Pod Cast Alley, Yahoo Podcasts and Lonely Planet podcasts to see what’s available.

4. Store your photos - The MP3 player can be used as a portable hard drive where you can download and store digital photos. A useful idea for those who are snap happy.

5. Map your journey - driving directions from Map Quest and subway maps for the big cities work great on the MP3 screen.

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