Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pico Iyer on 'The Nine Commandments of Travel Writing'...

In my cyber travels, I came across this article in Conde Nast Traveler by Pico Iyer that I thought was worth sharing.

It's his list of 'The Nine Commandments of Travel Writing' or what makes a good travel book...

1. The ideal travel book is a quest.

2. The travel writer is much less traveler than writer.

3. The travel book must teach you something.

4. The travel book, like the traveler, often travels incognito.

5. The travel writer's place is on the threshold.

6. The travel writer need not go far at all.

7. The great travel writer takes in every aspect.

8. The true travel writer does not just listen to a place but talks back to it.

9. In the end, every great travel book is about a journey inside.

Read the full article to find out more about what he means...


And for more more advice from Pico Iyer, check out my Travel Writer Pico Iyer talks post.

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Anonymous said...

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San Francisco Gay Pride Parade 2008 said...

This is pretty interesting ... thanks for the advice!

Meghan McCloskey said...

My dream is to become a travel writer. I just graduated from the University of Oregon's journalism program and would love to work for a travel magazine, experiencing new places and writing about them. I will definitely be sure to check your posts regularly. Thanks!

jngah said...

I've met Pico Iyer twice and he's always impressed me with a serene, open, embracing thoughtfulness. This list is certainly food-for-thought. Thanks for posting.


Welcome everyone, glad to have you here.

Meghan, good luck with your career goals...dream big and keep focused.

jngah, I've envious you met Pico...he's one of my favorite travel writers.

Hope to see you all here at Write to Travel again.

Adam said...

Great find. Conde Nast is something I tend to skim through on occasion, not counting on finding such a gold nugget as this list from Pico Iyer amidst the swanky vacation recommendations.

Thanks for posting it.

I am particularly glad to see #2 and #6. I think those are often overlooked truths.

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