Thursday, November 30, 2006

Monthly Roundup...(November)

Can’t believe its been whole month since I started this blog. So far so good.

7 query letters sent.
Results: 5 ‘thanks but no’ and 2 haven’t had a response yet (still hope)

3 articles submitted:
Results: 1 ’we like it a lot’ and ’will publish it’ and 2 ’already have similar in the works’

1 email interview done

1 ‘news brief’ written about me and my blog in the November issue of the Freelance Writer Newsletter:

Not bad for a beginner...

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Kristen King said...

Hey, girl, forget "not bad" -- that's awesome! I'm so psyched for you that things are going so well and that you're getting some press out of it, too. I'm really enjoying your blog so far, and I look forward to seeing how the rest of your year shapes up! Keep up the good work.



kirsten, thanks for the support. liz

Lori said...

Damn, you're on fire, girl! Congrats on such great stats! :))

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