Friday, February 09, 2007

Food Blogs are finding their voice….

As a result of this week’s Tuesday Question, I was introduced to a brilliant food blog, Tigers and Strawberries, and a great post about a New York Times article, Sharp Bites, that states the

“…proliferation of blogs treating every menu revision, construction permit, clash of egos and suspiciously easy-to-get reservation as high drama is changing the rules of the restaurant world and forcing everyone from owners to chefs to publicists to get used to the added scrutiny…”

As Barbara Fisher at Tigers and Strawberries writes in her post

“…While we food bloggers may not get a lot of money for our writing, and while we may not be gaining a lot more than niche notoriety, there is an audience out there for what we write, and that audience is growing. While traditional media outlets and writers get a bit puzzled by this, it is plain to me that folks like the “democratizing” influence of the Web, and like to hear the words of knowledgeable “just plain folk” on all sorts of subjects, not the least of which is food.”

What was once the domain of restaurateurs, PR companies, and well-known food critics such as Ruth Reichl is now in the hands of the people - true democracy in action. The diners, it appears, are now in control…

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Julie said...

That excerpt is great, and I heartily concur with Barbara. Tigers & Strawberries is a great blog. The other thing about that article, though is that it really focused on bloggers who I think of as "scene-watchers." I enjoy reading them, and they're great, but so many more food blogs are out there that focus on actual cooking. I guess it just depends on what you're interested in; food blogs definitely offer something for everyone, in every location.


Hi Julie, love that description 'scene-watchers'. And you're right, as with any specialty, there are sub-specialties - food blogs no exception.

What struck me about the article, though, was that these bloggers had found their platform, were passionate about their blogs, and were being heard.

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