Thursday, March 15, 2007

Weekly 5 Top Posts for Writers

1. Tips for using images in blogs- finding images to use on blog posts has become much more important to me since I started posting at Alzheimer’s Notes. This article provides clear instructions on how to get the photos from Flickr onto your blog.

2. Better ways to re-hash other peoples content - how many times have you come up with a great post idea to find someone else has just posted about it. This article addresses ways to ‘re-hash’ used ideas.

3. Ask Why?
- activate your brain by asking ‘why’.

4. Steps to Faster Writing refresher on writing quickly and effectively.

5. Build the scaffolding, use it and then take it down - interesting post on building a story.

Plus one more: You Ask, We Answer: Where can I find real people sources?

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Michael Stelzner said...

KIWIWRITER - Thanks for mentioning my post! - Mike

Lisa Gates said...

Hi Wendy,
Thanks so much for coming to visit my site and posting my post here! Really great stuff for writing here!



Hi Mike and Lisa, thanks for stopping by. Your articles are great and a real help to me and (hopefully) my readers. Look forward to linking to more of them.

Cheers, Liz

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