Saturday, April 07, 2007

Fear Not - Chocolate is good for you…

With Easter comes what I call the ‘chocolate season’, a time when you are surrounded by chocolate. Chocolate eggs, chocolate rabbits, and in New York, for a short time, a chocolate Jesus

But it’s okay, ‘cause chocolate is good for you. If you don’t believe me, have a read of the following:

A Dark Chocolate a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Boosting Brain Power -- With Chocolate

Study: Chocolate improves blood vessel function

Introducing the latest superfood... chocolate

Chocolate lifesaver - from cancer to dementia

Chocolate good for you and your cough

Chocolate's Potential Health Benefits – and its Effect on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Patients

Happy Easter....

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Yvonne Russell said...

Hi Liz

Yum! Chocolate is an essential part of my writer's toolkit.

Just letting you know Part 3 of my interview with you at Grow Your Writing Business has been posted.

Just letting you know Part 3 (of 4) of your interview at Grow Your Writing Business has now been posted

Happy Easter


Anonymous said...

Love this one ... having resisted all temptation for Chocolate during Lent I'm so ready to indulge tomorrow!


Chocolate is great. But remember

- only in moderation
- dark chocolate is the good chocolate

Happy Easter, Liz

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