Friday, April 06, 2007

FlipStart looks like great tool for travelling writers…

Flipstart, a miniature computer less than 6 inches wide and weighing 1 ½ pounds, is scheduled for release this month. Created and funded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, it could possibly be the next great tool for the travelling writer.

Containing a 30 gigabyte hard drive and running the same software as a traditional desktop computer, Flipstart is more portable than a laptop and more powerful than a mobile phone.

But the things that appeal about Flipstart - size and weight - may also be it’s downfall. Eyestrain from the small screen and cramp from the tiny keyboard could easily discourage buyers. As will a price tag of around $2000...

Still it looks pretty good - might add it to my Christmas Wish List (okay, so I start early…but it never hurts to try)


The Mini-Computer Wars

First Look at the FlipStart

FlipStart Is Cool but Clunky

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