Monday, May 14, 2007

Announcing the launch of the 'Travel Writers Carnival'...

Lately I have been participating in the weekly ‘Carnival of Cities’, submitting posts from my Christchurch Tour Guide and Travel Café Kiwi blogs.

For anyone who hasn’t visited and/or submitted to a blog carnival, it’s time you checked them out. There are over 1600 of them listed at the blog carnival homepage. Whatever your topic interest, there is probably one out there for you. Or you can start your own…I have.

So welcome to the official launch of the Travel Writers Carnival.

I figured it would be a great way to increase my computer skills and hopefully discover more interesting websites and blogs out in cyberspace. The whole idea could crash and burn but I figured I'd give it a go anyway.

Want to help me get this carnival going ?

Here’s the pitch….

The Travel Writers Carnival will feature articles and blog posts that look at the business of travel writing. From how-to articles to finding markets, from book reviews to travel gadget reviews, there will be something for travel writers of all levels of expertise.

The categories are:

-How-to articles about travel writing
-Articles about finding travel writing markets
-Book reviews, etc
-Tools of the trade - gadgets, cameras, what to take on your travels etc
-The Business of travel writing
-Photography for the travel writer


Have an article/blog post you want to be featured in the inaugural ‘Travel Writers Carnival’?

Post your submission on this carnival submission form by May 24, 2007 and I’ll do all the rest.

Spread the word and let’s see if we can get this carnival up and running…

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alicia said...

Thank you SO much for the blog carnival homepage link. I've been wanting to get involved in one for weeks now & just haven't had to the time to search for some.

Good luck with your travel writers carnival!


hi alicia, hope you find the carnival you're looking for... good luck...

will be interesting to see how the travel writers carnival goes... it's a challenge...


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