Friday, June 01, 2007

Monthly Roundup...(May)

Another month done. It’s the first day of winter here in New Zealand. And so far, it’s been a mild one. In fact, the last couple of weeks have been great - sunny days which have warmed up nicely after a slight frost. But you know winter is coming because there’s less daylight. Personally, I can’t wait for the shortest day to get here and then we’ll be heading back to summer….

It was a slow May writing wise. I think I overdid things in April and early May with the two freelance conferences and completing a couple of writing assignments. I seemed to have run out of energy….so I did very little for the rest of the month.

What I did do:

Query letters

- one to an online magazine (no response as of yet)
- one answering ad at Freelance Writing Jobs (got response but decided it wasn’t for me)

Blog Carnival

- Creating the Travel Writers Carnival seemed like a good idea at the time but it fell through as all the submissions were travel articles rather than on the craft of travel writing.
- submitted two posts from Christchurch Tour Guide to the weekly Carnival of Cities.


- wrote daily posts at My Year of Getting Published.
- wrote 18 posts at Alzheimer’s Notes.
- wrote 20 posts at Christchurch Tour Guide.


- entered the Problogger Top 5 group writing project.
- sent entry to the Travel Rant Blog a Thon Challenge


- organized for a guest blogger (Sheila Scarborough) to report on SOBCon07.
- joined Media Bistro so that I could access the How to Pitch articles.


And that was May...

Stay tuned for June as I have great plans afoot...

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alicia said...

You're so organized!

As you're heading into winter, it was 90+ degrees here today.


Hi Alicia,

can't say I feel organized...

wish we were heading into summer instead of winter...

Linda said...

Hi Liz, great blog and thank you for the link in your weekly 'best of' post. I wanted to let you know about a website called where I am a moderator as there's a long thread there on "pitches that worked" plus lots of advice that has been a real help to me.

Now pick up that phone and talk to editors - never mind email!

Good luck to you and well done on your achievements so far.



Hi Linda, thanks for stopping by. Will head over and check out the journobiz website and forum...thanks for the tip.

Cheers, Liz

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