Monday, August 06, 2007

Monthly Roundup...(July)

July was the month that I discovered that you cannot squeeze any more than 24 hours out of a day…in other words, I ran out of time.

Between work, trip planning, and learning how to use all the new technology (iPod and digital camera), I had no time to write.

So, for the first month since I started My Year of Getting Published, I did not send out a single query letter…

I had drafts written, ideas and markets in my head, and a determination to get them sent out. But time just ran out…

I did manage, however, to manage to continue to post to this blog, as well as Alzheimer’s Notes and Christchurch Tour Guide.

I did complete my trip planning - flights, accommodations, sightseeing timetable.

I have been downloading music, audio books, and travel information to the iPod.

I am gradually becoming more comfortable with the new digital camera.

And I will send out the query letters this month…

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