Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Blog Action Day 2007

I missed Blog Action Day. Sick with a stomach bug, the environment was the last thing on my mind…

But that I’m on the road to recovery I‘ve been checking out what’s been written and it’s all good.

Travel-Rants suggests that we ‘Help the Environment’ by being more responsible. For example, he writes ‘I’m sat at the PC, and the TV is behind me, it’s switched on, and I am not watching it – not very environmentally friendly is it. You can make changes to reduce energy, by using energy saving bulbs, turn electrical equipment off – not on standby.’

(great point I think as I rush into the living room and turn off the unwatched TV)

Joanne at Confident Writing looks at ‘20 ways to cut your words and help to save the planet’. After all,

fewer words = less ink and less paper.

Easier said than done, you might think. Not so, according to Joanne, if you follow her tips.

Conversation Agent discusses ‘How Social Media is Greening the Planet’ through worldwide conversations on green living and sustainability.

Copyblogger writes about ‘How tiny Actions Can Save the World’ such as cutting out bottled water and changing to fluorescent light bulbs can make a difference when ‘…when those tiny changes are aggregated among millions of people.’

IttyBiz discusses ‘Saving the Planet One Home Business at a Time’ by

- thinking…before you print
- thinking…about your electricity consumpton
- thinking…before you throw things out.

In other words, by thinking before you act.

LifeClever looks at ‘How to Save the World by Sleeping’. After all, he asks ‘What’s a super-easy way to reduce energy consumption, lower your energy bill, and feel good all-over?’ But before you close your eyes, read on…it’s the computer that you need to put to sleep.

And that’s only a few of more than 15,000 participants that would have posted about the environment on Blog Action Day.

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Joanna Young said...

Hi, hope you're feeling better and thanks for the round-up of links. Sharing the learning after the event is probably worth more than a post on the day after all!



Hi Joanna, feeling much better thanks...glad you enjoyed the roundup. I'm still wandering around cyberspace reading all the wonderful posts about environmental issues. It's great that so many people made the time to say something and make us think.



Naomi from IttyBiz said...

Hi Liz! I was just searching for my own name on Technorati (because that's the kind of thing I do on a Friday night) and I saw your post full of yummy link love. Thanks! You've got a great round up here. I would say I hope you're feeling better, but since it's been 12 days, I REALLY hope you're feeling better. :)

Thanks again!


Hi Naomi, yes, am feeling much better. Thanks so much for stopping by. There were so many great posts on Blog Action Day that my eyes got tired trying to read them...

Am finding the ittybiz blog posts very. thanks.


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