Saturday, October 13, 2007

'Eat,Love'Pray' author Elizabeth Gilbert talks at Authors@Google...

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What A Trip said...

Hi Liz,
I'm back from Spain. You've inspired me to start a blog. I linked to your blog, hope that's okay with you.

I enjoyed the Eat, Pray, Love YouTube video. Her book has been recommended to me, but I haven't had time to read it. Thanks for sharing. Nancy


Hi Nancy,

link away. will have to stop over and check out your blog... hope you're writing about Spain

'Eat,Love,Pray' is well worth reading.

Cheers, Liz

juls said...

thanks for inspiring me to take a deeper look into my life. you have help me to distinguish what is important and what is nonsense. It has been long, emotional and difficult, and im still working on it. But if im not happy now, whats the worst that can happen. Thank you for helping bring to my attention, what happiness can really be.

HAMAD said...

Dear Liz:
I watched with passion the movie"eat,pray and love". it was amazing. However, may be it is really the balance between life, beliefs and love that every person is looking for,I Found that religion is what count the most. if the movie really talks about you,liz, then you really what you were looking for in Italy, india and mali are in one book. This is will be the Quran.
Have a look at it, you will find it all in it.

Thanks and all the best


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