Saturday, December 22, 2007

Travel Site of the Week...Travercial

Travercial is the place to go for all your travel video viewing. They've traveled through cyberspace finding travel videos from around the world. At last count, they had over 2,500 videos for you to watch - free of charge.

So grab a coffee or wine, sit back and dream a little while you watch some amazing footage from other peoples travels.

Travercial recently announced their selection of the '10 Best Worldwide Travel Videos for 2007'. They are

1 – Return to Tibet
2 – Aurora Australis ((Antarctica)
3 – Botswana Safari
4 – Cairo Time Travel (Egypt)
5 – Helicopter Ride over Angel Falls (Venezuela)
6 – Spiritual Thailand
7 – Maasai Life (Kenya)
8 – The Andes (Equador)
9 – Lapland (Finland)
10 – Panama Canal Time Lapse

My favorite is Massai Life

What's yours?

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