Sunday, December 23, 2007

2007 Writing Goals...Revisited

With 2008 looming, I figured it was time to dig up my ‘2007 Writing Goals’ and see whether I managed to follow through with any of them.

This is what I wrote on 31 December 2007

Goal #1 - to have one article published in a print magazine each month
Goal #2 - to have at least one article published online each month
Goal #3 - to obtain a paid blogging position
Goal #4 - to create more exposure for myself as a writer
Goal #5 -to become more proficient at networking
Goal #6 - to continue to learn about the business of writing
Goal #7 - to take a vacation and get paid for it
Goal #8 - to buy a new office chair

Wow, I had very high ambitions back then. Actually, I had highly unrealistic ambitions given that I work fulltime. But I always say dream big and good things will follow.

So how did I do ? Let’s see.

Goal #1 and #2 very quickly fell by the wayside as I started to concentrate more on online writing and less of sending out article queries to print magazines and newspapers. In the end, I only managed to get two articles into print magazines. I’ve had a few articles published online but mostly I ended up focusing on blogging.

Goal #3 was my most successful goal. At the beginning of the year I picked up a paid blogging position with b5Media network on Alzheimer’s Notes and then earlier this month I scored another paid position with b5Media on Healthbolt. I also had the Christchurch Tour Guide blog with Home Turf Media until it closed it’s doors last month.

Goal #4 and #5 are ongoing and I feel that I am creating more exposure for my writing. However, my aim of developing as a travel writer is starting to take second place to becoming a health writer. It wasn’t what I’d planned but it makes sense. Health is what I know and health writing, it seems, is what is earning me money at the moment.

Goal # 6 is also ongoing. I am learning a lot about writing by simply maintaining this blogging and in particular by conducting the weekly Interview with a Travel Writerseries. I’ve also learned a lot by doing the weekly Top 5 Blog Posts for Writers and reading all the other great writing blogs out there.

Goal #7 was partially successful. I had a wonderful month long vacation in Spain and New York City. I didn’t get it paid for but I’m still formulating query letters and aiming to get some articles about Spain and New York published.

Goal #8 was the easiest goal and yet I never got around to it. I’m still sitting in the old chair with the stuffing falling out. But the years not over yet and there are sales coming up so it’s still do-able.

Looking back, I’ve done good. I’m writing more, being paid for my writing, and getting more exposure. I might even be able to drop down a day at work next year….so I can write even more.

Come back next week to find out what my 2008 Writing Goals will be.

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Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that I enjoy your blogg, and think it's a very creative way to go about entering the writing field.

Thanks for all your posts!


hey, thanks for stopping by. Glad you like the blog. Stick around as it will be bigger and better next year.

happy holidays

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