Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Writing Challenges 2008...

If you’re looking for a way of challenging yourself as a freelance writer, then check out this two writing sites.

Inkthinker (aka Kristen King) is offering the 2008 Inkthinker Query Challenge.

What is the Inkthinker Query Challenge ? It’s a place to obtain encouragement, advice, and and hear about success stories from freelance writers just like us. The goal is for each participant to send out 120 query letters in 2008, the theory being that the more you send out, the better you get at writing query letters and the more chance you have of getting some accepted. So if your planning on sending out query letters this year, then it’s worth signing up for the Query Challenge for the support and encouragement that it provides.

All Freelance Writing (aka Jennifer Mattern) is offering monthly writing challenges to help freelance writers improve and grow their writing business. Each month a new writing challenge will begin. Here’s the lineup so far…

January Monthly Challenge - E-book writing.

“…you’ll be challenged to write an e-book in 14 days (the final 14 days of the month). During the first half of the month, I’ll be offering a selection of lead-in articles on topics like e-book pricing, e-book covers, e-book distribution / delivery, e-book formats, and writing a sales page for your e-book.”

February Monthly Challenge - Writer’s Website

“…covering some very basic HTML and CSS that writers really should know these days (especially if you’re a Web writer, where these things can get you gigs), as well as a tutorial or two on editing free or purchased Web templates to make them your own. I’ll also take a look at a few content management systems for those of you wanting to be able to edit and update your websites from anywhere you are, directly online.”

Go for it.

Challenge yourself.

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Kristen King, Inkthinker said...

Thanks for the link love!



Hi Kristen, although I'm not planning on joining the query challenge, I think it's a great idea. Hope you get lots of participants.



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