Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Writing Goals 2008...

My writing goals this year can be summed up in one word - consolidate. 2007 saw the beginning of my freelance writing career with blogging becoming a high priority.

In 2008 I plan on consolidating my initial successes by strengthening my blogging skills through learning more about social networking, computer language, and writing skills.

Specific Goals:

Goal #1 - continue with providing a travel writing resource with this blog. Changes are coming, however, for the My Year of Getting Publishing. Expect a facelift and new name with the next month and some great new weekly posts to complement the ‘interview with a travel writer’, 'weekly top 5 blog posts for writers’ and the 'travel blog of the week’ series.

Goal #2 - dedicate one day a week to writing only about travel and finding markets for travel articles.

Goal #3 - continue to develop my expertise in heatlh writing by daily posts to Healthbolt and Alzheimer’s Notes, my two paid blogging positions with b5Media.

Goal #4 - attend at least one writers conference this year.

Goal #5 - aim to earn double my 2007 writing income.

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Susan said...

Happy new year, Liz! These are some ambitious goals, but I have confidence that you can make it happen. I have a similar goal in that I want to become more focused on a few markets, rather than being fragmented, as I felt a lot of this year. Good luck - can't wait to see the new look for your blog!


Happy New Year back at you. And good luck with your goals for this year.

New blog look should be here any day. Heather from Goofy Girl Designs has been great.


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