Thursday, March 05, 2009

Winners of the Intrepid Travel Writers Contest Announced...

Last month I mentioned that I had entered a travel writing contest over at Wanderlust and Lipstick. Well, the winners were announced today and unfortunately, I wasn't one of them.

But that's okay. After reading all the winning articles, I can see why they were chosen. Check them out for yourself.

Grand Prize Winner was Ylli’s Gifts by Jann Huizenga

The eight 'Best in Category' winners were...

Lost and Found by Shelley Seale

Memento Mori by Charlotte Chester

Anatomy of a Bribe by Antonio Sanchez

Commiserating with Camels by Alexis Wolff

Shangri-La by Tom Czaban

The Calcutta Railway Riot by Vicki Flier Hudson

Check, Please
by Kay Vail-Hayden

Riding the 341 by Mara Gorman

Make some time to read these fine travel articles. I promise that they will not only entertain you but also make you look at how you craft and create your own travel articles.

After reading them all, I realized that in order to improve my own travel writing, I need to...

- add more local color to my writing.
- add more local characters to my writing.

...and I think I'll start by revising the article that I submitted.

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