Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Travel Writing Miscellanea...

Traveling Savage blog has posted this interesting interview - A Model of Travel Writing: Lara Dunston Spills on GranTourismo.

JoAnna Haugen at Kalidescope Wandering asks looks at the Tech/Travel Relationship and asks 'How much technology do we REALLY need when we travel?'

USA Today Travel wonders 'Can destination apps take the place of guidebooks?'

Shannon Hurst Lane discusses How to Get Invited on Press Trips

An interesting post at Blogging Standards on Why the travel industry needs bloggers

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Anonymous C. said...

Thank you for your blog, you are helping me get on my feet! :-)

Liz Lewis (aka 'kiwiwriter') said...

Hey Anonymous C,

Happy to be of help. Good luck with the writing.



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