Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Stop Dreaming and Start Packing with Meet Plan Go

If taking a career break to travel is something that you've been thinking about, then Meet Plan Go might just be the ticket to get you moving.

Meet Plan Go's second annual nationwide event will be held in 17 cities around the USA on October 18th. It's the perfect chance to meet like-minded travelers who have decided that now is the time to jump out of the office cubicle and onto the road.

Benefits of attending:

• The opportunity to meet like-minded individuals who want to escape the cube.
• The chance to be inspired by those who have already done so.
• And gaining the motivation to actually make your travel dreams come true.

Meet Plan Go event locations:

Austin | Boston | Chicago | Denver | Honolulu | Las Vegas | Los Angeles| Minneapolis | New Orleans | New York City | Orlando | Portland | San Francisco | Seattle | St. Louis | Toronto | Washington DC

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