Monday, March 26, 2012

Overnight Buses Travel Magazine looking for submissions....

Overnight Buses, a App based magazine is looking for submissions

To find out what they are looking for, download the Overnight Buses Travel Magazine App for iPad. There's some great featured essays by award winning travel writers such as Michael Shapiro, Marcia DeSanctis, Nathan Comp, and Ayun Halliday in the first issue. 

According to their guidelines, they want...
" essays, literature, travel journalism and personal narratives; the stories of your adventures in far-off places that changed you in ways you didn’t expect. We’re looking for the stuff that will make our readers laugh, cry, shout and say “Damn! That was a darn good read.” We take pride in the fact that we publish the articles that other magazines don't. The gritty stories, the trips to the middle of nowhere, the personal narratives that really make you think, the hard-hitting journalism. If you've got it, we want it.
Articles should be in English, with American spellings (color, not colour). Non-fiction, obviously. 1000 words or more in PDF or Word format (.doc, .pdf). 4000 words is the sweet spot, long enough to draw our readers in, short enough to read in an hour."

Send submissions via email to Tom at submissions [at]

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