Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Become a Better Photographer in 31 Days...

Anyone serious about improving their photographic skills would be wise to sign up for Peter Carey's 31 Days to Better Photography which starts on 1 March.

Peter Carey, a prolific photographer and blogger over at The Carey Adventures has been teaching basic photography at local workshops in Seattle, has decided to share his knowledge online with daily posts about becoming a better photographer.

According to Peter, the...

"...series will be aimed at the beginner in the beginning, covering topics such as: The Exposure Triangle, How Your Camera Works, Aperture Mode, Shutter Mode, How To Hold A Camera, ISO, Photography Jargon, Picking A Lens, etc… As the weeks move along the subjects will become more specific such as; Shooting Sunsets/Sunrises, Waterfalls, The Moon, Flashes, Post Processing, Rock Climbing, Panning Blur, etc… All along I will be sprinkling in ‘How I Shot It’ posts where I will break down particular pictures into the composing, shooting and post processing involved to help you understand what’s going on in my head (it’s a non-stop party!) and how the image came to be."

Sounds like something worth spending time on.

Interested? Then head over to The Carey Adventures to subscribe.

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