Saturday, December 30, 2006

Monthly Roundup...(December)

It’s the end of the month, so time for another monthly roundup of how ‘My Year of Getting Published’ is going.

Results from the 8 query letters sent:

1 acceptance
‘…I would be interested in all three articles…’

4 responses
- ’…not accepting manuscripts…as travel section may undergo change…best contact again after February…’
-‘…will get back to you once [your query submission] has gone through the editoral review process.’
- ‘…will get back to you.’
- ‘have all the travel articles we need [at present]…new editorial calendar [will be] ready in about a month. I’ll make sure we send you a copy of what we’re looking for.’

3 no response

Results from the 2 article submissions sent:

1 acceptance - ‘…love the article.’
1 no response

Results from 2 applications for blogging positions:

1 acceptance as contributing writer (non-paying) for
1 no response from Creative Weblogging Network

I‘m feeling pretty happy about these results. After all, remember ‘from a little acorn, the mighty oak will grow’. Stop by tomorrow and see how I plan to get this 'acorn' to grow...

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alicia said...

You SHOULD feel happy :)

Don't you hate those "no responses" though? They drive me crazy.


hi alicia, I know what you mean about the 'no responses' - you spend time wondering whether they even got the query, whether they read it and why they didn't respond... it's much better to focus on the one's that did respond...and yes, I'm feeling pretty happy about the results so far...

Happy holidays. And I hope you have a great new year. Liz

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