Friday, December 29, 2006

Dream list or WIGs...

A quick visit yesterday to Inkthinker lead once again to Michael Stelzner’s Writing White Papers Blog. Earlier in the month Michael had posted the Top 10 Blogs for Writers. His newest post, 10 Top Blog Posts for Writers, had all of those bloggers front up with their best post on the topic of writing.

What, you are probably asking, has this to do with ‘dream lists or WIG’s’? Everything, really, because one of the articles - 10 Top Writing Tips to Help You Write More - led me to the WIGs.

Tip #7 of Angela Booth’s writing tips suggests setting WIG goals. WIGs or Wildly Improbably Goals was first used by writer Martha Beck in the Sept 2002 issue of Oprah magazine. Martha says ‘Whether our WIGs are the cause or the effect of our actions, they have a peculiar power to lift us beyond what we thought to be our limitations.’ Now that sounds much more exciting than a ‘dream list’.

So I no longer have a ‘dream list’. I have WIGs…

Isn’t it about time you created a WIG or two?

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