Sunday, December 31, 2006

My Writing Goals 2007...

There’s a new year a coming. Time for reflection, celebration, and maybe even a few hangovers. It’s also time to set up my writing goals for the next 12 months. So here goes…

Goal #1- to have one article published in a print magazine each month

Action Plan
- write every day
- research and target one new magazine each month.
- send out at least 1 query letter per week.

Goal #2 - to have at least one article published online each month

Action Plan
- write every day
- check job boards daily for listings
- send out at least one query letter per week

Goal #3 - to obtain a paid blogging position

Action Plan
- write every day
- post on my blogs daily
- look for guest contributing positions with other blogs
- check job boards daily and apply for positions

Goal #4 - to create more exposure for myself as a writer

Action Plan
- write every day
- continue to post on my blog
- find ways to get my blog seen and read
- find a platform (niche) and become an expert
- update and change my website (kind of scared to do this as it took me half a year to get it online in the first place).

Goal #5 -to become more proficient at networking

Action Plan
- read and post relevant comments on forums and blogs
- join and participate in writing organizations

Goal #6 - to continue to learn about the business of writing

Action Plan
- continue to read articles and books on the business of writing
- attend the 2007 freelance writing conferences in Australia and New Zealand

Goal #7 - to take a vacation and get paid for it

Okay, so this goal could be considered a WIG (Wildly Improbable Goal) but you can’t blame a girl for trying. I’m planning a vacation in August/September and will be looking into obtaining writing assignments prior to leaving. I will also be keeping my eyes open for possible press trips.

Goal #8 - to buy a new office chair

Here’s a mundane but highly necessary goal. I need a new chair. The old one is falling apart, is definitely not good for the back, and is severely lacking in hydraulics. Should have put it on my Christmas wish list.

That’s it. Thoughts, ideas and comments are always welcome…

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P.M. Hopkins said...

Great goals! Your December Roundup looks promising too - it's nice that you received feedback on some of the queries and not just the generic "no thank you."


Hi p.m. hopkins,
I'm starting to think that the goals might all be WIGs (except the chair- that one is doable) but as Susan Jefferies wrote 'feel the fear and do it anyway'. Have a happy new year. Liz

Kara said...

Hi Liz -

I found your blog via You may want to consider a goal of a query letter a DAY, not week, to meet your one published article in a print mag a month. I don't know what the average odds are, but 4 query letters per one acceptance in a print pub may be a bit ambitious (especially if you're looking at paying markets--unpaying markets may be a bit more accepting).

That said, if you have an "in" at your local paper that knows you and has already accepted your work and welcomes more, then perhaps you've got a much better odds-shot than other writers!


Hi Kara, you're right. One query a week is probably not enough. I will be trying for much more each week, but wanted to write down a number that I absolutely had to meet. Having an 'in' at the local paper would be great but don't have one at present. Thanks for your thoughts. Liz

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz - I'm a fellow Kiwi with similar goals to you. Good luck!

If I may, I would suggest updating your personal website to something a little more professional looking - check out for software.


Hi anonymous kiwi, thanks for stopping by. Hope you're making progress with your writing goals...are you focusing on print or online writing??

Thanks for the suggestion re upgrading my's on my list of many things to do and not enough time...



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