Thursday, December 28, 2006

Useful articles for travel writers….

Continuing on the travel theme that yesterdays ‘dream list’ focuses on, I thought I’d share links to the articles about travel writing that I have been reading this year. Mostly written by successful travel writers, they’ve been providing me with insight into the ways and means of achieving my goals.

In Search of Wonders: the elusive art of the modern day travel writer by Rory MacLean

Travel’s Long, Strange Odyssey by Suzanne Mantell

Keeping Pace by Suzanne Mantell

Pico Iyer: On Travel and Travel Writing by Matthew Davis

Advice on making it the travel writing world by Jeffrey Tayler

The Seven Myths of Being a Travel Writer by Tim Leffel

Making a Living as a Freelance Writer by Michael Shapiro

The Secrets of Travel Writing by Peter Moore

Uncle Tim’s Advice to Aspiring Scribblers by Michael McCarthy

Dancing Lessons From God with Jeff Greenwald

Cultivating Loneliness by Robert D. Kaplan

Happy reading...

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