Thursday, December 28, 2006

Expose yourself...

What’s the most important thing a writer needs?

Talent - yes
Exposure - ABSOLUTELY !!!

In developing a writing career, having the talent to write is important. But talent won’t get you far without exposure. How do you get exposure ? By marketing yourself.

It can be as simple as getting a mention by Deb Ng at Freelance Writing Jobs. Her ‘End of Year Blog Plug’ lists an eclectic selection of blogs (mine included) that have one thing in common - they all asked to be included in the list . In other words, they were seeking exposure.

Looking for other ways of gaining exposure? Then I recommend you check out the following posts:

Create your media plan for 2007 at Escape from Cubicle Nation
'How to get your blog (or yourself) mentioned in print' at Brazen Careerist

Aim to expose yourself and help your career take off…

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